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Dana’s Beauty Supply ~and relaxation space~
Recess, Brooklyn, NY
September 7-October 19, 2021


As a product overwhelmingly sold by Koreans to Black Americans, Black hair care and beauty supply stores have often served as both the site and object of tensions between Black and Korean communities and a marker of the white supremacist agenda to divide us. Dana’s Beauty Supply constructs an experimental beauty supply store and hair gel manufacturing lab, a model for what a Korean-owned beauty supply can exist as in our modern times. With fully-stocked inventory curated by Paris Beauty Supplyz, blowout sale prices, and proceeds being reinvested to support Black entrepreneurship, it reimagines the beauty supply as a space for critical dialogue, accountability, creativity, and community while servicing your beauty supply needs.

• Free Korean Language Classes by Eve Talley
• Entrepreneurship Talk with Whitney Mari for Recess Assembly participants
• Lynn’s Soap Making Workshop by FeelzReal

Sweet July
A History of Black American Beauty and a Meditation On The Beauty Supply Critical Writing by Brooklyn White

Photos by Mary Kang

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